Smart Outdoor Lighting and Security Cameras

​There is a growing list of smart outdoor lights, security cameras and other gadgets that will make your outdoor living more secure and convenient. We put together of list of those devices below with a short review.

Maximus Smart Security Light Review

Kuna security camera

Kuna is an elegant Smart Security light that has integrated video camera that can send you alerts. It is very easy to install and does not require complex installation process like a dedicated security camera. Simply replace you existing light with Kuna Light and connect the built in camera to your home wifi.

It comes in 5 different styles:

Kuna security camera

Contemporary Black

Kuna security camera

Craftsman Black

Kuna security camera

Craftsman Bronze

Kuna security camera

Traditional Black

Traditional Bronze

Kuna is very easy to install and it takes on average 15-20 minutes. It really is as simple as taking the old light out and using existing wiring to install this smart light.

Download the Kuna App and you have full control of your outdoor home security.

The app is very easy to use and allows you to control lights, set schedule, set alerts, detect people and ignore small objects and animals so you don't get false alarms. You can use built in intercom to communicate with someone standing outside your door.

We wish it would have a longer recording time, since at the moment it is limited to 2 hours.

The camera is 720p which is decent but more and more devices are switching to 1080p for sharper image. It has night vision capabilities, which works OK but not on par with the best security cameras out there. The built in 100dBA siren is useful if you want immediate sound alert to be heard by people nearby.

You might wander how it will stand against snow or rain? It has weatherproof design and is rated IP44 (humidity , rain and snow protection).

If you want an ability for longer recording times, you may purchase subscription plans from Maximus. Currently the company is offering several plan options: Essential Security ( review, rewind and download events for 7 days), Peace of Mind (up to 4 devices, events for 14 days) and Absolute Control (up to 8 devices and suited for larger homes).

What's our verdict?

This is a great looking and easy to install light. We wish the camera would have 1080p resolution and a true night vision capability. It's not yet compatible with smart-home hubs but we hope that the feature will be added soon. The free cloud storage is limited to 2 hours, and if you want to have longer recording time, you will have to sign up for one of the plans. ​